BodyKnow Inc. operates Burlington’s first BOD POD.

The BOD POD measures body composition, so that you can know what percent of your body mass is composed of fat, and what per cent is mean muscle mass. Armed with this knowledge, you can determine the effectiveness of your fitness and nutritional programs. You can also confirm that your programs are reducing your body fat and increasing your lean muscle mass. It’s not just about losing weight.

The BOD POD is the gold standard for body composition testing, used by the US Military, professional athletes including NFL players, private medical clinics, university medical research, just to name a few.

It’s both fast and accurate within 1-2%, each and every time you test.

The test takes only 5 minutes. The time in the BOD POD itself is under 3 minutes. Please refer to Testing Procedure for details about the test and how to prepare. Proper clothing can be provided if required.


Single tests are $60, 2 tests for $100, or 4 tests for $180, HST included. There is no expiry dates for multiple tests.

Cash, cheque, VISA, MASTERCARD or debit are all accepted.

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Please call Deb or email or text. I work hard to accommodate my clients to work with their schedules.

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The BOD POD is available for appointments from 6:30 am to 6:00 pm, Monday to Saturday. Special arrangements are possible upon request. We will work for you.