Are you trying to improve your health, gain muscle and lose weight? Measure your fitness progress accurately, right here in Burlington.

What does the NFL, NBA, U.S military, University researchers, Varsity teams have in Common. THE BOD POD.

They all use the BOD POD to measure progress and be accountable to fitness and health goals. You can too. The BOD POD is in now in Burlington.

Whether you’ve taken on the task to get fit and healthy on your own, or you’re using a personal trainer, the Bod Pod is here to keep you accountable for your health – and successfully on the RIGHT path.

“Remember if you cannot measure it, you cannot change it!”

There are thousands of diets and gadgets in the market place all making amazing promises. Is your health and fitness program working? How do you know? The scale is not enough.

Enter the BOD POD. The test is fast, safe, non-invasive, and convenient. It accurately assesses your body’s composition of fat and fat-free mass, as well as estimating your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR). Armed with your biological data, you can tailor your fitness and diet program to obtain the best results – then come back to the BOD POD to determine your body’s change over time. Let BodyKnow Inc. help you live your healthiest lifestyle.

 If you’re a personal trainer or health practitioner:

  • Keep your clients on task with regular BOD POD checkups
  • Get a wide range of accurate information to use as you tailor your programs for your clients
  • It’s quick and easy – and won’t break the bank (yours OR your clients!)

If you’re flying solo:

  • Get all the information you need to understand your starting point
  • Understand your workout and diet regimen better, and how this affects your body
  • Learn ways to build a life that YOU can measure and therefore YOU control, know your benchmark. Learn what works for YOU

Diets are more than counting calories, and exercise is more than running on a treadmill. Understand how your body is put together and how it works. Find the right path for your body today with BodyKnow’s BOD POD

Accurate.  Actionable.  Affirmative

Get Healthy. Be Healthy. Get Fit. Stay Fit