"As an athlete nutrition is very important, it helps with training, recovery and performing at your highest potential. In the sport of weightlifting there are weight classes, therefore body weight and body fat plays a huge factor. The Bod Pod is extremely easy and accurate to find out your true body fat percent. The information I received was exactly what I needed. i want to know I am maintaining a healthy body fat percent while eating the right amount of food. The more you know about your body the better and more in-tune we become."

–Lacey (competitive power lifter and a Nutritionist.)


"The Bod Pod has helped me see measurable results from my strength and conditioning workouts. I wanted to see more detail than just my total body weight reduction. Doing the Bod Pod a couple of time per year keeps me motivated and on track to reaching my goals."



"I have been using the Bod Pod since 2011 to track my body composition. I was thrilled when Deb started BodyKnow and brought the Bod Pod to Burlington. I use the Bod pod to keep me on track to maintain a healthy weight and to monitor my lean muscle mass."



"Had set a weight loss goal for myself to be 155 by my 55th birthday. Started my journey in January. Read a book that said you should get your "proper" measurements done so you truly know were you are at and can see all of your accomplishments not just the scale. You were very professional, you made sure I knew every step of the process before I got there and again before the test started. You actually under sold me, recommending 1/4 scans. Was very surprised by my numbers. I love the fact that you took 1/2 and hour to go over goals and sent me exercise to do. will be back in 8 weeks to make sure I'm on track. You are very positive, caring and genuinely care about your clients."