How accurate is THE BOD POD?

Research studies at major universities established the outstanding accuracy, safety and speed of the BOD POD. Before the BOD POD, the most accepted method was underwater weighing (the "dunk tank"). When comparing the two methods, the BOD POD and underwater weighing often produce identical results. Many top scientists consider the BOD POD to be even more accurate than underwater weighing because testing with the BOD POD is so easy. The general error range of the BOD POD is within 1%-2% of underwater weighing. Other methods such as skinfold calipers and bioelectric impedance have much higher error ranges. (± 6-8%)

Is it only for athletes?

Absolutely not! Everyone can benefit from a better understanding of their health and fitness levels.

How much does it cost?

Tests can cost as little as $45 each depending on how many you purchase at one time.

Why is it important to wear proper clothing?

The BOD POD takes very accurate measurements of your weight and volume (the size of your body). Anything that isn't "you", including clothing, jewelry and eyeglasses, can produce inaccurate results. This is why it's VERY IMPORTANT you wear minimal, form-fitting clothing such as Lycra or Spandex swimsuit (or single layer compression shorts and/or lighweight jog bra).

Can I test right after exercising?

No, you should wait at least two hours after exercising. The person being tested in the BOD POD should always be in a completely relaxed state.

Why do I get different results between consecutive tests?

The BOD POD provides a high level of precision and small factors (like movement or coughing) can affect results. It's important to be relaxed and still for the measurement. Some test-to-test variation is normal.

What’s the best way to lose excess body fat?

The most effective way to shed excess fat is to combine sensible exercise with healthy dietary choices. Research shows this to be the most successful approach in the long run. Keep in mind that each pound of fat has a caloric value of 3,500 calories. If you combine 250 calories worth of exercise each day, along with reducing your food intake by 250 calories, this would add up to a 500 calorie-per day-deficit. Over seven days, you would lose a pound of fat!

How do I increase my lean muscle mass?

The best way to increase muscle is to go through resistance training. Healthy and vigorous muscles are consistent with good health, as muscles support the activity of the body and burn calories.

How do I go about changing my body composition?

Consider working with a trained health care or fitness professional. They can review you BOD POD test results and design a program to help you achieve your goals. Be sure to retest in the BOD POD regularly so you will know if you are progressing toward your goal!

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