Did you know….

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  • That once you’re born, you do not grow any more muscle cells? You can only change their size but not their number. However, it is still possible to LOSE muscle cells if you’re not using them. In fact, muscle fibres naturally start disappearing at the age of 25! All we can do is try to slow the rate of disappearance down. If you don’t use them, you’ll lose them!
  • A person hits their peak bone mass shortly into their 20s and then it begins to decrease? It decreases even faster if you’re inactive! Exercise stimulates bone formation and slows bone breakdown!

  • If you try to lose weight without exercising, you will lose more percent of your muscle and bone compared to fat? 95% who lose weight without exercise gain it back. When this occurs, they are actually worse off than before since they have less fat free mass and more of a fatty composition!