Exercise: The Universal Medicine!

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Individuals who are moderately active…

  • Are 34% less likely to develop dementia!
  • Have increased HDL “good” cholesterol and decreased LDL “bad” cholesterol!
  • Have better emotional well-being and better overall mood than inactive
  • Can adapt to stress better than sedentary individuals!
  • Are less likely to develop depression!
  • Have at least 50% less risk of developing a critical illness than sedentary
  • Have 25-50% less chance of developing type II diabetes!
  • Are 20% less likely to develop breast cancer!
  • Have 40-50% less chance of developing colon cancer!

Still not convinced about the importance of Exercise?

Well, take a look at the following…

Sedentary or inactive individuals:

  • Are 3x more likely to develop Alzheimer’s!
  • Have 2x the risk of developing Coronary Artery Disease!
  • Have significantly slower reactions times compared with active individuals!
  • After the age of 55 years, risk of stroke DOUBLES every 10 years!
  • 70% of fatal cardiovascular events occur in patients who have high-blood
  • Risk of hip fracture doubles for every 10% decrease in bone mass… And 50%
    of hip fractures do not regain mobility!