Welcome 2019

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Welcome to setting new patterns for health and making ourselves feel good. I want to live as long as I can and as well as I can. The Bod Pod data is one of my tools. Make sure my direction is the correct one. And you?

Good Morning Bod Pod users and Bod Pod seekers.

I appreciate that once the decision to have your body composition measured is made you would like it done right away.

I agree, lets get this done! Call, text or email and we will get you booked.

Once you have your benchmark, we can talk about what are your next steps, from drinking more water, to changing what/when/how you eat. Exercise, we can talk that too!

The season of sharing and friends, drinks and lots of food. It can be done. When having some “cheer” sip the drink and drink the water. Always a water close at hand. Most of us do not drink too much on purpose. But water is the thirst quencher, not the alcohol.

No judgements made here, just lots of help to be in a healthy body!

Thank you! I look forward to working with you soon!