Definition of Essential:

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The Definition of Essential is: Of the utmost importance: Basic, indispensable, necessary or unavoidable

Hello returning clients and new comers to the BodyKnow site. I appreciate your visit and your consideration of using the services of BodyKnow. Services include the very accurate testing for body composition using the Bod Pod, the explanation of your results, and answers to any of your questions you may have. I am a certified PN nutrition coach.

BodyKnow is temporarily closed, due to the Covid risk. I am closed because the request has been made, by our provincial government, for all non essential businesses to be closed. If a non essential business can function with curbside or pick up or a non contact basis then you are able to be open.

The Bod Pod, BodyKnow, is my business that functions on face to face, very personal, one on one service basis. We have functioned very safely upon reopening during the months of July thru to Dec following all protocols, limiting numbers and medical grade cleaning products. BUT…..

The Bod Pod is not an essential service. No one will perish or suffer damage if a Bod Pod test is delayed. Therefore, with my conscience intact, I am doing the right thing and remaining temporarily closed.

Based on all of the above facts, I should be and will be closed until the Stay at Home order is lifted and the numbers are coming down. I will not risk the health and safety of my clients. On a personal note I have a new grandson whom I would like to be able to hold again, so the more people that work with our province to slow the spread, the sooner I can open and supply the Bod Pod service to you and I can hold my grandson William

Best Smiler

So please hang in there with me. I promise I will reopen. I will be there to measure your successes, assist you with your challenges, celebrate your “better”! I am here to be on the journey with you. No judgment, just help.

Meanwhile, work to be better, keep moving, take pictures of yourself to track your progress. Reach out if you need to talk, need some ideas, need some guidance.

Stick to the basics, drink water, eat slowly, challenge your body, challenge your mind.

Now I have figured out how to blog, post again…..I am tech challenged…..I will be keeping you up to date more frequently.

I hope to see you in February!

Your in better health, always.

Deb Anderson

BodyKnow Inc, The Bod Pod. 905-320-3586 cell