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That is what the Bod Pod and Deb are all about. Health.

So often when chatting about the Bod Pod, some people will say “I do not need a machine to tell me I am fat!” My heart sinks. How can they say that about and TO THEMSELVES?

That is not what the Bod Pod is all about. We (yes my Bod Pod is my partner) are here to help. We are here to measure your body composition. To identify Lean Mass and Body Fat, then assist you with your decisions on how to plan the journey to better health, and towards achieving your personal goals. Nutrition, fitness, movement are all part of our whole health, our mental health.

CoVid has been hard on all of us on one way or another. As things improve, as we are out and about more, that is presenting its own set of challenges. I have met with so many people that find this just as hard as the shut down.

Personally I thought I did really well. I set up a gym in my basement, I cooked more, I started knitting (my meditation although I have yet to create anything) I started a garden….and I gained 10 stubborn pounds and did not maintain my pre CoVid level of strength or fitness. Now (only in the past 2 months) I am back in the gym, with guidance, working my way back to good form, better workout habits and rebuilding my strength. Oh, and finally I have committed to the habit adjustments, food portion adjustments and mind set to get rid of this 10 lbs by Christmas. I know what to do but I needed the extra help of my coach, fellow nutrition coaches and getting into MY BOD POD and seeing in black and white what has truly happened to my body composition over the past 18 or so months.

Now I have measured I know how to manage.

There you go. My challenge to me has been made public. I am now accountable; to you, to me, to my coach, to my family, to my health.

Long post, if you did read all the way through, thank you.

If you need help, if you too want to truly understand your body and how and what it needs to be what you want it to be, BOOK NOW button is here for you.

Cheers my friends